Google Certified Educator Level 1 – Done

exam success

This morning I completed my test to become a Google Certified Educator Level 1, and passed! Hurrah! In this post I share my experiences and reflections from gaining this qualification.
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Using textbooks

I recently heard some noise on twitter referring to a story from about a 20160514_103606report on textbooks by Tim Oates, director of assessment research and development at Cambridge Assessment. He wrote a policy paper entitled ‘Why textbooks count’ which discusses the use of textbooks in schools today and compares this with how they were used historically and in other countries. It’s an interesting read, especially when comparing survey results for science teaching in the UK with Finland – in England teachers scored 4% for using textbooks as a basis for instruction whereas in  Finland they scored 94% (T Oates, 2014). I mean wow, what a difference!!

In this post I share some ways I use textbooks in my practice which you may want to try out in your classroom.  Continue reading

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Speed Dating CPD

In December I facilitated the first speed dating CPD event in my school. I this post I share my preparations for this event. Please feel free to use this to help you organise a similar event at your own school or workplace. Continue reading

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Behaviour for Active Learning.

In a previous post I shared some different strategies of dealing with unwanted or challenging behaviour. Afterwards I started to think about the kind of behaviour I wanted to see from the students I teach and what I consider to be behaviours which promote active learning. It took me back to some CPD I had attended in my NQT year about growth mindset (and the 5 Rs, which are below). In this post I share some ideas which might add to your own vision of optimal, active learning behaviour. Continue reading

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Migration – Advice on Applying for a Teaching Job in the UK (when you live in Thailand)

This is the second of a series of blog posts I am writing about my moving back to the UK. In this post I discuss my apprehensions, experience and reflections of applying for jobs in the UK when I live 6000 miles away.  

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Migration – Why I am Moving Back to the UK

2000px-Flag_of_Thailand.svgThis is the first of a series of blog posts I am writing about my decision to move back to the UK after living in abroad for almUK-Union-Flagost 2 years. In this post I compare my work experience and life opportunities in the tropical land of Thailand with the often complained about UK, focusing on the education sector and opportunities as a 30 year old British woman.

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Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

These notes are taken from a sharing good practice activity I attended. Even though I feel dealing with challenging behaviour is one of my strengths it was a good exercise to reflect on and evaluate what strategies I and my colleagues use. Below is a list of the ideas we shared.
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